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Fans of shooters should definitely try the new update of Garena Free Fire! This is a tremendously exciting survival military conflict similar to the well-known PUBG, though on a slightly less grandiose scale – which is good because we don’t always have time for long-lasting sessions. Namely, the game takes up around 10 minutes with half a hundred of players participating in it. The battle familiarly takes place on a remote island, and it’s up to you to select the beginning point by throwing yourself down from a plane with a parachute.

Landing will occur in a safe area, you don’t have to worry that your soldier will meet his death at the very start of the game. For convenient study of the map, you can use one of the vehicles scattered here and there. Walking can be made more interesting by ambushes, you can lie in the tall grass and hide in a trench with a gun, waiting for some unsuspecting enemy to pass by. The main goal after all is to survive at all costs. During the gameplay with cheats, you need to look for convenient weapons and armor, pick up various equipment and try to remain in the safe area. It will get smaller and smaller with every air strikes and the risk of getting kicked out of the struggle will be growing. Now and again, you’ll hear the roaring of the helicopter and see a box dropping from it with supplies and weapons inside. It is worth being careful and not rush towards the heavenly sending too quickly, as there is fierce competition for these things.

Playing is available not only solo but also as a squad. The number of players in a team is four. Using built-in communication, you can talk within your little gang, strategically planning out ambushes, attacks and generally coordinating any other moves. Getting to the supply crate will also be easier when backed up by comrades. You can also directly contact a specific player in a personal chat.

Controls are standard for the genre: an on-screen joystick plus buttons for firing and changing weapons. The interface is user-friendly, you will see all the necessary indicators positioned conveniently on the screen. Garena Free Fire has nice realistic graphics and is often updated with new content and features. If you wanna be the first to benefit from them, launch Garena Free Fire new update right now!

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