Garena Free Fire 2

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Enter the battlefield along with fifty other gamers from all corners of the world! Together, you will join the public server and fight against each other until the last standing man stays on the field. There is a large and rich map for you to explore and you’d better do that before the battle starts. The location is full of various useful items that will help you win the competition. Among these items you will the most crucial things for your survival – weapons, transport, and numerous materials as well as place where you can hide from the enemies when the situation gets too tough. There is only one aim you need to follow at all costs – stay alive if you can, because that’s the only way you can win this war. The battles are fast and last for a very short period of time, so you have to do your best and prove your superiority. The average length of a battle is no longer than ten minutes, so get ready for a tough fight!
This title will surely remind you of successful and extremely popular battle royale titles like PUBG and Counter Strike. As in these ones, you will have to keep yourself alive in an epic massive fight against the real players on the arena that gets more and more dangerous with time. The amazing graphics, realistic gameplay, and cool options for cooperation (including chat, voice communication, guilds, and teams). There are hot and toxic zones here that bring additional harm and put your life in danger, so be careful and try to avoid them! Whether you want to play solo or with your buddies, make sure to plan your actions and do your best to stay alive and win the game! Equip yourself before the massive fight starts and show how great you are when it comes to shooting and fighting to death!

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