Garena Free Fire for PC

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Imagine yourself lying in the grass, with your gun pressed tight to your cheek. You’re aiming at your enemy trying to land the shot as accurately as possible. All around there are bullets wheezing and explosions shaking the ground. But you can’t get distracted by that. If you don’t make everything right, your position will be uncovered and then there will be one less chance for you to win this fierce contest… This is Garena Free Fire for PC and it will make you feel the whole thrill of a survival shooter!

Can you withstand an intense competition against fifty other desperate players? Can you find your way around the map and collect all the best weapons there are? Can you get to the airdrop faster than your rivals and make sure to get away with that precious pack of medicine and ammo? And most importantly, can you hold out till the very end and remain the last survivor in the match? You can’t tell for sure before you actually play… This is going to be a tough fix. Everything depends on your reflexes and shooting skills. And of course the ability to think and act quickly in a dangerous situation. There are several maps for you to try out, but don’t hope that knowing the location good enough will guarantee you a happy ending. Every time there is a different set of opponents playing against you, so you have to be flexible in your decisions and moves adapting to the changing circumstances on the fly and improvising a lot even if you already have a preferred playing style. Wide array of weapons, diverse tactical possibilities and amazing graphics will totally immense you into the process making you feel like you’re actually running, crawling and shooting on that very battlefield!

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