Garena Free Fire: Winterlands

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It’s bloody hard to survive in a crazy shootout limited by the boundaries of a small island. And it’s even tougher to stick out till the end of the match if the falling snow blocks your sight and your feet slip on the icy surface. Experience all the hardships and thrills of winter-time until-only-one-remains battles in Garena Free Fire: Winterlands! You’re going to find yourself within familiar conditions for victory, but this time the weather won’t be such survival-friendly. Shooting and moving in the snow feels quite different from other seasons. It brings in more challenge, but also more diversity. You’ll have to adjust your tactics and play patterns to this new unusual environment. And so will your opponents! Let’s see who wins!

As before, the rules are simple: there are fifty players fighting in an ever-shrinking zone and the game ends when there is just one to survive. The map is divided into several strategic locations that are free to choose as landing spots. You can approximately predict how many opponents you are going to meet there because some places are more popular, with a greater choice of higher-tier equipment. But you can never know for sure and that’s the whole thrill of games like that. Each location is a bunch of houses where there are various guns and jackets, attachables and other stuff waiting for you. The rest is the wilderness and it will be a luck to find a car so that you can drive around while the others walk on foot. The choice of strategy is up to you. Whether headlong rushing or careful sniping, you’ll surely find the right application to any of these approaches depending on the current situation. Anything that can help you survive counts. Oh, and one more thing: it’s easier to spot you on the white background, so make sure you have a good hiding or wear chameleon clothes!

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