Garena Free Fire

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Royal battles will never get boring. Garena Free Fire is yet another take on this popular and exciting genre that you definitely need to check out if you’re into it. The game is about surviving on the battlefield. You have a character that flies on a plane together with the others and jumps with a parachute to a random spot of the island. That’s it, the introduction is over, a real action begins. The map is a scattering of buildings and ruins surrounded by a wild terrain. You need to rummage through the houses looking for weapons, armor and ammunition, and come up with a strategy to outlive all the other players on the map. How you’re about to do that depends on your playing style and weapon preferences.

Those into hot open confrontations will enjoy rushing in the very first minutes after landing. Sure, it’s risky, but with enough rage and experience you can just smash your opponents and grab whatever falls out of them. However, if you’re not ready to act decisively, you’d better sit this one out. There are plenty of great cover and shooting points out there, you just have to pick a good sniper’s rifle and bring down your enemies one by one without anyone even knowing where you’re sitting. Tactics like that require a lot of caution and patience, though. You see, there are gameplay possibilities for all types of fighters.

If you manage to be the last man standing, you’ll receive a good deal of various resources to upgrade your character. But gaining victory in Garena Free Fire is rather challenging. After all, you’re set up against real people who all think differently, and their actions won’t be so easy to predict as the moves of a computer program. However, the more you practice and win the higher your chances are to succeed in another battle. Your hero will become stronger and stronger and you’ll have an advantage over novices from the start. Discover more about this amazing game playing it online on our site!

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